Children aged 4-11 years old attending state primary schools in high poverty areas around the UK.


Eligible schools must meet a minimum pupil premium* percentage requirement of 35%.

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* Pupil premium is funding given by the government to publicly funded schools to help improve attainment of their disadvantaged pupils. Evidence shows that children from disadvantaged backgrounds often do not perform as well as their peers. For every child that is eligible for a free school meal the government awards funding to help the school with costs to close the gap between children from low income families and their peers.


In addition to our GIYM Primary programme, we go into state primary schools across the country to deliver a tennis session before the children start their academic day, catching them when they’re at their freshest and most responsive. On top of this we offer a healthy and nutritious breakfast, all at no cost to the child or school. Typically the tennis sessions start at 8am and always take place within the school and are delivered by a GIYM coach.

Many of our programme children don’t always get well fed at home so this way we can introduce and educate the children about healthy nutrition and make sure that they get fed.

In the Government’s ‘Gov School Sport and Activity Action Plan, July 2019’, they called for schools to not just look at PE lessons alone to provide physical activity for pupils, but to explore options like lunchtime clubs, so we are confident that our Breakfast Club is a welcome addition to the children’s day. 

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1.8m school age children are at risk of starting the day hungry.

  • A 12 year-old who skips breakfast has the same brain power of a 70-year-old in the classroom.
  • Children who eat healthy breakfasts are able to solve problems better and can think faster and more clearly.
  • After going 10–12 hours overnight without food, your energy reserves are low. Your body and brain now need fuel! 
  • Breakfast keeps you going until lunchtime. This helps you do better at school.
  • Skipping breakfast is more likely to make you fatter in the long run. You are more likely to be hungry mid-morning and eat more of the things that are bad for you.


Max’s Breakfast Club will help to alleviate some of the burden on the disadvantaged children we already work with, whilst also encouraging kids to get active. Data has shown us that children who are physically literate are happier, more resilient and more trusting of their peers, and we need to ensure that the importance of physical activity for mental wellbeing is recognised and understood by all young people.
Tim Henman, OBE
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