Young people aged 11-18.


Our sessions run on a 36-week after school programme in close proximity to the child’s school, typically at the local community tennis courts.

All current sites are operated by our GIYM Primary coaches in the same area. This allows for continuity and enables children leaving primary school to retain their relationship with the coach and continue to progress their tennis development. We plan to roll this programme out to all of our sites by 2023 but we currently operate GIYM Plus in the following areas:

  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Aberdeen
  • Birmingham
  • Hull


The 36-Week Give It Your Max Plus Program is a comprehensive year-long journey
which aims to foster sports leadership, personal growth, and provide access to industry leaders within tennis.

Term One
Participants dedicate one hour per week to work through the LTA Leaders Award, gaining foundational leadership skills through a weekly session with a coach. The session should be designed around completing the required leadership booklet, gaining knowledge and skills whilst having fun.

Term Two
Focuses on volunteering and goal setting, with one-hour weekly session where participants can work towards a tennis goal with their coach whilst volunteering three times over the term.

Term Three
One-hour weekly sessions introduce participants to continue access to tennis. Access to industry insights through a minimum of attendance at two webinars or one webinar and hosting fundraiser. The program concludes with an exciting Experience Tennis Day as a congratulation for completing the course with the aim of inspiring the participant to continue their tennis journey. This program empowers participants to become well-rounded sports leaders and offer them the opportunity to explore a variety of roles within tennis.

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leadership award

Give It Your Max Leadership Award

The aim of the GIYM Leadership Award is to help teenagers to develop fundamental skills in leadership, receive a recognised qualification, and inspire them in developing skills for the future workplace.

The programme has 4 key components over 2 years.

Year 1

  • Complete the LTA Leaders course
  • Practical experience
  • Complete GIYM leadership booklet

Year 2 (webinars)

Developing knowledge around the sporting industry/opportunities for work.


We could see that there was a need to support children transitioning from primary to secondary school. It can be quite a turbulent time for so many and has always has been, and continues to be, a challenging age group to keep children engaged and retain them in sport at a time when there are many other distractions in their lives.

We wanted to provide consistency and stability for the children from our programmes during this period and so the idea of an extension programme was launched.

By doing this we have created a complete cycle; we are there at the child’s very first tennis experience at 4 years old and we can now continue to support their tennis journey into young adulthood.

With the knock on effect of the pandemic and the rising number of unemployed young people, it is our hope that through this programme and the newly developed Leadership Award, students will gain greater knowledge of the opportunities that are available through the game of tennis and some will pursue a career in sport.  Our aim is to offer an achievable career path to some of the young people we work with.

  • Give It Your Max: UK Children’s Tennis Charity

    Step 1

    School Programme (4-11 years)

  • Give It Your Max: UK Children’s Tennis Charity

    Step 2

    After Schools Programme (4-11 years)

  • Give It Your Max: UK Children’s Tennis Charity

    Step 3

    GIYM Plus Programme After School (11 years +)

  • Give It Your Max: UK Children’s Tennis Charity

    Step 4

    Children Selected to Take Leaders Course (12 years +)

  • Give It Your Max: UK Children’s Tennis Charity

    Step 5

    Leaders Become Assistants and Support at After Schools Programmes