Leek Tennis Club and GIYM began their association in the summer term of 2019. Frank Murray, Leek Tennis Club Chairman contacted GIYM as part of a plan to develop tennis as a major sport in the area of leek and getting tennis to be a sport offered to children throughout their school lives and to make Leek Tennis Club a place the children and their families could join and to become a focal point within the community.

GIYM support the tennis programme in Beresford First School (Pupil Premium 42%) and the first two years of Churnet View Middle School (Pupil Premium 34%). The programme offers 2 sessions per week in each of the schools and offers 2 sessions as an after-school club. Leek Tennis club then offer follow on sessions back at the tennis club to develop the pathway from the school to tennis club.

The coaching is led by SMASH Tennis who provide the all the coaching for Leek Tennis Club and the feedback from the schools has been excellent on the initial delivery of the programme.

As part of the bigger programme Leek Tennis Club have secured further funding from a variety of sources to provide tennis coaching to all years at Churnet View Middle School and Leek High School, meaning tennis is available in the area to children from 5 to 18 years of age.

Contact Details

Contact: Frank Murray – Leek Tennis Club

Email: frank@buxton-estates.co.uk

Phone: 07739 936999

Website:  https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/AbbeyViewTennisClub