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Give It Your Max Response To COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the current global pandemic, all Give It Your Max tennis programmes are suspended. As a charity we work with disadvantaged and vulnerable children and during this unprecedented time we want to do everything we can to support these children and their families. We are now working on two projects to help these children.

Skills and Drills at Home with Heather Watson 

Heather Watson, currently ranked 50 in the world, and Give It Your Max player ambassador is fronting our new ‘Skills and Drills at Home’ videos. Heather is demonstrating simple exercises that can be done by children in their homes and don’t require any special sports equipment to complete. With our programmes currently closed we have switched to online delivery of our sessions through this method and all schools and coaches are being asked to share these videos with Give It Your Max children. The videos are also published each week on our website and social media platforms. One of our areas of focus as a charity is encouraging children to enjoy a healthy lifestyle through tennis which positively impacts on their mental health and wellbeing. We believe that this is particularly important at this time and hope that children will continue to develop their coordination with the help of these videos. 

Coronavirus Care Packages

In addition to this we are working hard to put together care packages for our most vulnerable children. We are discussing with a tech company about providing a device to families so that children are able to view our videos and continue with classroom learning online at home. We are looking to supply some basic sports equipment such as a ’swingball’ to enable children to keep active in small spaces. And finally we are reaching out to food and hygiene brands to be able to provide basic essentials for families in need. We have the support of Moma Foods so will be able to provide a nutritious breakfast to families but are working hard to build on this package. 

If you are able to help and would like further information please contact us: 

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