The Aberdeen Give It Your Max program was established in Spring 2013 and the GIYM programme funds school tennis sessions in the Northfield, Torry and St Machar areas of Aberdeen city. The programme runs during lunchtime and after school. This support has not only given the opportunity for professional coaches to deliver tennis within the school or local tennis facility, but it has also help develop a local workforce by funding Tennis Leaders and UKCC Level 1 courses for volunteers identified at local Secondary schools.

The highlight of the GIYM programme each year is a schools tennis competition that all schools are invited to participate in and which is delivered in the ‘Andy Murray Mini’s’ format, which was produced by Judy Murray. The first of these events was run in the Northfield area of Aberdeen in 2017 and was a huge success.

The GIYM Programme is managed by David Buchannan-Smith, the ‘Community Tennis Coordinator’ (CTC), who is employed through Sport Aberdeen in partnership with Tennis Scotland.

Contact Details

Contact: Aberdeen City Active Schools


Phone: 07715591565


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